Robert Cori

I'd like to shout out to Danny. This guy knows how to take care of his clients. I've been working with him for many years and would not take my business anywhere else. He is knowledgeable, understanding, and easy to talk too. If you have any website needs, this your guy. Stop looking anywhere else!!!!

KC RugCleaners

CASH COW PAVES THE ROAD TO SUCCESS!! I continually tell clients, friends and family of how I was hornswagled by companies for 3 years for accurate online business advertising. Promising online advertising + a website all declared bankruptcy, disappeared or in ended in a class action suit. I was left with: NO website, NO advertising and my investment; time and money, lost entirely until I met George with Cash Cow Marketing.

Cash Cow Marketing LLC is a highly reputable company of integrity and certainty of success. Business advertising: professionalism, knowledgeable expertise and most importantly trust can be found at Cash Cow Marketing!!!

Kat Armendariz

Danny is amazing! He loves what he does and you can see and hear his excitement. He has really taken our businesses to another level!

Norman Zeller

I have tried several web page design companies all promising to get my company name out there, to be on the first page in a google search in my area and they delivered just that. Outside of my zip code, if I did a search, I didn't exist. Cash Cow has taken the time to properly input the information it takes to actually get my company name where it needs to be. They are doing a great job for me.

Hailey Liles

We at Allstate Towing would like to thank Danny for his hard work in getting our company up front.

Jw Cooper

Thanks You George At Cash Cow I Have Only Been Using Them A Week And I Am Already On First Page.

Kirt Janelle

Very easy too deal with and extremely professional.

James Nathaniel Porter‎

After only 24 hours of this business relationship the phone is ringing! I am amazed at how things are starting to happen. George takes a very personal interest in his clients success and is great to work with. This will be a long term business connection for me!

Bob Finberg

After years of trial and error and working with different marketing firms, George has already improved my incoming calls from insurance shoppers, I recommend Cash Cow marketing, give George Christie a call , now!

Mike Coleman

All I can say is that I've tried other Web companies before and all I had was problems. From design to finish all I ever got was disappointment. The calls weren't coming as promised. After all of the frustration I finally hooked up with George. My experience with George is 5 star. Easy to deal with and he gets it. Now he's helping me to expand my area's of advertising with ease and the phones ringing. It's a no brainer working with George. Business is great!

Mike Coleman

Colemans Professional Piano Moving


Joshua Friedman

· Phoenix, AZ ·

So as you all know I do not normally just plug businesses, but I have to say that my friend George Christy and CASH COW Marketing is a great company. It really starts with the branding of the company and what CASH COW means- (Cash cow is business jargon for a business venture that generates a steady return of profits that far exceed the outlay of cash required to acquire or start it.) Then there is the Logo or really a mascot the CASH COW waving a hand full of cash and his big blinking eyes. Why did George decide to do this I thought? For one simple reason (so people would remember it). First impression is everything in life and of course in anything you are selling. Talking to George and listening to him talk to his clients it is never a close or SALE. Its a friendly conversation and a bunch of quality information about how it all works, what to look out for and how to get it done. He will actually teach you how to do it yourself if you wanted to (knowing you will come back asking him to do it for you) because it takes to much time. There are many tools needed in this day and age to be successful with your company, agency or firm. First is your online presence and if you even show up let alone compete at a high level for traffic. CASH COW knows how to get you noticed for sure. Have you read the reviews on this company. Business owners LOVE this company and swear by it. marketing and advertising is scary because it is a gamble. Guess what CASH COW takes the gamble out of the equation when they DO NOT charge there clients any monthly service fee until the work is done and your actually on page #1 of GOOGLE. Who does that??? CASH COW thats who ! George knows you will be on the front page and what he is doing will work so he is willing to wait to get paid monthly. The websites that come out of CASH COW are fantastic. All HTML mobile friendly sites. No plug in Godaddy or WIX crap. The real deal website made from scratch loaded with content. I have known good and bad companies out there and let me tell you this one CASH COW is a REALLY GOOD one. From beginning to end you will be taken care of and most importantly you will see a positive R.O.I. (return on investment). If you simply own a company of any kind you need to call and speak with George and just talk to him. ITS FREE ! What can you lose but gain a lot of insight and more knowledge.

Dana Strout

I had George do a new web site for my law practice. I had not done one in over ten years and was really somewhat neutral about it and didn't really want to go to the trouble necessary. Am I glad that I did! I provided George with the background information, we discussed some ideas, what he came up with was spectacular. I wanted a site that was easy to navigate and gave the important information.

George was easy to work with, responsive and creative. He quickly grasped what I was trying to accomplish. The layout, design and links were his ideas, as were the colors and styles of text. As most things, it went through several iterations, but the finished product was more than I had ever hoped for. I have had nothing but compliments on the site. Check it out - www.danastroutlaw.com.

In my opinion, you will get far more than your money's worth with George.

Jamie Mason

At first I was curious about cash cow when I heard about it from another business owner and friend. Once I looked into it, George with Cash Cow not only answered all of my questions about the company but made me feel so confident in my choice to choose them for my business, I never had any regrets. Business picks up more and more every year and Cash Cow continues to impress me on how hard they work for me and how dedicated they have been to my business since the start.

Michelle Gerald

Love Working with Cash Cow! Very thorough, and prompt service! Best website we have ever had; so glad he contacted us.


In 2013 George called me on the phone and was soliciting me about a Web site. This was when everyone was just changing over to the Internet advertising. I'm a auto technician of 38 years now but the Internet advertising was new to me.we had tried a Google company with little to no success but a big bill. I was very sceptical and I told George I did not want to hear a bunch of bs just lay it out and how much. George was a straight shooter and honest he cared about our success and what our goals were. He had us up and running quick and at the top of the list. Been there every since. Going with George and his company was the best advertising move we ever made. If your sceptical don't be he knows this business and will come through for you. Just renewed my ad today 2. 7. 2017.going on 5 years and without the Internet ads I feel we would have closed by now.

Ron Figueroa

WOW! I mean really WOW!

est-thumbI'm very concrete in what I understand, and perceive, and without any exaggeration at all, dealing with Danny has been a miracle. I have been dealing with getting myself holistic counseling service out there via the SEO format, now for a few years. I got some responses, which took several months to begin generating. I got in contact with Danny a few weeks ago, and with his help began getting in more calls in one week than I ever had before. He is also helping me with my site which you can view at www.ronholisticcounselor.com. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you Danny for your encouraging words and professional help with maintaining a positive focus with this whole process.